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10 Cool Ideas For A Birthday Celebration

If you’re planning a birthday party for yourself or a loved one but have no idea what to make the overall theme, no worries! We’ve got you covered. We know how stressful planning a birthday party can be but with these 10 cool ideas for a birthday celebration you’ll be planning the coolest birthday bash of the year in a breeze. 

Milestone Birthday Party

A milestone birthday party is perfect for those big moments in life! Whether you’re planning a party for your daughter’s sweet 16 or your grandparents 100th birthday, this birthday party idea will make any birthday boy or girl happy. Simply decorate the house with balloons, plates, napkins and confetti in their favorite color along with a personalized birthday banner centerpiece that commemorates their special day. 

Rustic Party

For any birthday boy or girl who loves a rustic vibe or who has a birthday during the summer, this rustic birthday celebration idea is perfect. Not only is it great for a summer birthday but it is also versatile for any age. To bring out the vibe of this party, plan to celebrate outside and decorate the backyard with string bulb lights, mason jar centerpieces and a rustic wood personalized birthday banner.

Whiskey Lovers Party

Throw your husband, dad, boyfriend or grandfather a surprise party that features their favorite drink! A whiskey themed birthday party is just the thing he needs to celebrate his day. This theme also makes a great 21st birthday theme. Bring the whiskey theme to life with jack cupcakes, mini jack bottles, whiskey bottle balloons and a personalized whiskey birthday banner that he can hang up in his man cave afterwards!

Poker Night

A birthday party you and your guests will never forget...a poker themed birthday party! This is a great birthday celebration idea for the soon to be 21 year old or for any of your loved ones. Have some fun with this theme and put out a poker table, send out poker themed invitations and put up a personalized poker banner that celebrates the birthday boy or girl. 

Golden Birthday

A golden birthday party is great for a 40 and fabulous celebration! Couple the gold with any of their favorite colors such as black, white or navy blue and put up golden balloons and streamers along with the accent of their favorite color. And to top off the party decorations, add a personalized birthday banner that matches the rest of the decor and features an image of the special birthday boy or girl.

Then and Now Party

Planning a then and now birthday party is great for a birthday celebration for your grandparents or parents. It’s the perfect party theme to commemorate their entire life! Create party decorations that show images of the birthday boy or girl when they were younger and of them now. Not only can you put up their images but you can add a personal touch with a custom then and now birthday banner that also features an image of them when they were younger and of them now, along with a great black and gold balloon background to really bring together the birthday celebration. To make it even more memorable, this premium vinyl banner is made with a quality material that is waterproof and UV safe which means it will last a lifetime. So you’ll be able to keep it even after the celebration!

Casino Night

Now this one can be for a birthday or just a family game night! Much like the poker birthday celebration theme you can put together a casino night theme with DIY black jack tables, poker tables, roulette and even slots. In the center of it all, add a casino night banner that will bring the party together. Not to mention, this casino banner is made with a premium quality vinyl that is weatherproof, which means it can be used every year!

Kids Ro-Blox Party

A party made for your little gamer! If you’re 3-10 year old loves this online game, then they’ll love this ro-blox birthday celebration theme. Decorate their day with colorful balloons that match the game and put up a birthday banner that is personalized with their name and age. Not only can it be used for the party but most kids love to put it up in their room or playroom afterwards as a play backdrop! 

Burger Party

How fun would a burger birthday celebration be?! I mean making a whole theme out of your favorite food chain is pretty awesome. You can go all out with this one and it doesn’t only have to be a burger theme, you can make it a taco theme, bbq theme, italian theme, you name it! But with a burger theme made from their favorite burger chain, fill up the house with decorations that match the chains colors and put up a personalized banner that is sure to wow them and your guests!

Soda Party 

You can’t get any better than a classic and making a 40th - 80th birthday party out of a classic soda is the perfect way to celebrate! Make some soda cupcakes with a red and white frosting, put out some pretzels, decorate with soda bottle caps and put up a personalized banner that just brings that nostalgic feeling to celebrate the special birthday boy or girl. This birthday celebration idea is a party they’ll never forget.


With these ten ideas for a birthday celebration, you’ll be on your way to throwing the most epic party of the year! These birthday party themes will not only wow the birthday boy or girl but your guests as well.

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