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5 Free Hocus Pocus SVG Files

Now that August has arrived we can’t stop thinking about Halloween! Pumpkin spice lattes, fall recipes and Halloween planning has been on our minds since the end of July and we just couldn’t wait any longer.

Every year we wait for the day to start decorating and watching our favorite Halloween movies, and Hocus Pocus is at the top of our list. I mean we’re talking 31 days of Hocus Pocus (multiple times a day). Not a day in October goes by that we don’t watch Hocus Pocus!

In honor of our favorite movie of the holiday, we’ve created 5 FREE Hocus Pocus SVG files for you to use with your Cricut or Silhouette machine to create DIY Halloween t-shirts, mugs, pillows and much more! 


Sanderson Sisters

Free Hocus Pocus SVG Sanderson Sisters

The first of the set is the most iconic, you can’t have a Hocus Pocus SVG set without the sisters and their most famous quote “I smell children!”

This design is great to put on a t-shirt to wear throughout the month or to make a DIY Hocus Pocus pillow. 


Hocus Pocus SVG Book

You know we couldn’t forget about Winnie’s precious book! With back to school season close to Halloween you can make a cool Hocus Pocus notebook for your little one. Or if you’re looking to make a decoration you can make a DIY spell book. 


Hocus Pocus SVG Binx

With every witch there isn’t a black cat too far away. So some DIY Halloween decorations with an SVG Binx is a great way to add in that element. Try heat transferring it onto a canvas, mug or pillow to create epic Hocus Pocus Halloween decorations! 

“Come We Fly!” - Broom

Hocus Pocus SVG Come We Fly Broom

A memorable quote from the movie that we just couldn’t go without! This Hocus Pocus SVG file will make an awesome, throw pillow, house decoration or even a bumper sticker.

Witches Brew

Hocus Pocus SVG Coffee Co.

And the final piece in the set is by far one of our favorites! This Hocus Pocus coffee logo can be transferred onto your tumbler or mug, so you’ll be feeling like you had a cup of coffee made by Winnie herself!

BONUS!!! - “Come… WE FLY!”

Hocus Pocus SVG Bonus Come We Fly

And to top things off, we’ve added a bonus SVG file that is not only iconic to the movie but is a rendition of that favorite flavored seltzer logo! This “Come...We Fly!” Hocus Pocus SVG features the popular broom, mop and vacuum and is perfect for any DIY outdoor wood sign, t-shirt, mug, can cooler or Doormat.

With these FREE Hocus Pocus SVG files you’ll be able to create endless halloween decorations that will bring the whole movie theme into your home. 







Disclaimer: By downloading these files you agree that you are responsible for determining if any phrases used in any of these designs are trademarked or have any legal limitations for your intended use. We are not liable for any infringement or penalty that results from improper or illegal use. If you would like to share these designs with your friends and family, we ask that you send them to our website to support our company. Not for commercial / mass production. 

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