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5 Fun Birthday Ideas During Quarantine

We have all been through it and it looks like another quarantine may be in our future again.  But don’t get the blues, being stuck indoors doesn’t have to be boring, matter of fact it can be a blast if you plan effectively.  In this article we will give you some great birthday ideas during quarantine that will make you forget even for a little bit about the lock down.  

Roblox Birthday Theme

Starting with the younger crowd roblox is a huge hit with kiddos and a roblox birthday theme is right up their alley for a super fun birthday idea during quarantine.  This banner features their favorite characters holding up their name and age! We have had the awesome pleasure of creating many little boys and girls perfect roblox themed birthday party banners.  

roblox birthday banner

Most kids that play this addictive game build their character and are pretty proud of their accomplishment, they are only too excited to see their name and age celebrated on a big 6 foot banner personalized just for their special day! Celebrating a quarantine birthday like this makes you forget about a quarantine at all when you see how their face lights up with joy! Personalize your roblox birthday banner here. 

roblox birthday banner

Rustic Wood Birthday Theme

For teens to adults its always great to see the before and after celebrating their journey through life on this special day.  Our rustic wood birthday banner features 2 pictures, 1 from before and one current picture showing how much they’ve grown.  

rustic wood birthday banner

They have worked hard to get to this point in life and it deserves celebrating.  This rustic wood birthday banner is great for fun birthday ideas during quarantine.  Play their favorite song, put the candles in the cake and celebrate their bday with a weatherproof birthday banner that can be used over and over again. 

Burger Themed Birthday Banner

Cater your favorite burger place and decorate the yard in bright colors and you’ve got the perfect birthday ideas during quarantine.  We have several burger banners to choose from but here's one of our favorites because of the great color scheme. 

burger themed birthday banner

Any burger fan will have a blast with this awesome birthday theme.  Personalize this birthday banner with your name and age and hang it as a centerpiece to the celebration.  Your birthday boy or girl is sure to love it! 

Whiskey Themed Birthday

Another one of our favorite birthday ideas during quarantine is a whiskey themed birthday bash! Here’s a few of our favorite customer thrown parties with our favorite whiskey birthday banner.  

whiskey birthday banner

Pour your glasses of fine, aged to perfection whiskey and cheers to the years your birthday boy or girl has spent so far on their journey! An unforgettable experience for the fine whiskey fans and another fun birthday idea during quarantine! 

Oktoberfest Themed Birthday

To continue the alcohol driven party themes for the best ideas during quarantine we couldn’t leave oktoberfest out.  Get out the brats and sauerkraut, because this oktoberfest party is sure to make lifelong memories! No oktoberfest is complete without a great assortment of oktoberfest beers, some good sausages to cook out on the grill and a personalized Oktoberfest birthday banner! 

Oktoberfest birthday banner

Black and Gold Theme Birthday

When there's not really a specific theme and you just want to celebrate the milestone event with their favorite colors, this personalized milestone banner is perfect for a theme starter.  Personalize it with their favorite 2 colors, their name and age.  They have come this far in life and it should be well celebrated.  Personalize yours now

Black and gold birthday banner

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