5 Ideas for Fall Birthday Party

5 Ideas for Fall Birthday Party

Now that fall has finally arrived it’s time to start decorating the house and planning those birthday and Thanksgiving parties! There are so many different party themes you can choose but why not have a birthday party that represents the season? A fall birthday party is a great way to celebrate the birthday boy or girl on their special day. So what is the best theme to represent the fall season? Well, we’ve got you covered! We put together a list of the 5 most epic ideas for fall birthday party that will have your guests talking the whole night.


First up on our list is a theme made for the beer loving birthday boy or girl! What better way to celebrate a fall birthday than with one of the most fall themes you can get. An oktoberfest birthday party is the perfect fall birthday theme and will get everyone into the spirit of the season. Not only is this theme great for a beer lover but for a 21st birthday as well. Put out some soft pretzels, a variety of dipping sauces, host a chili cook off and put together beer flights to get the whole party in the Oktoberfest mood. 

Here are some of the best decoration, food and activity ideas for an Oktoberfest theme birthday party

  • Put up an Oktoberfest Birthday Banner
  • Decorate with wheat bouquets
  • Place the drinks and beers in a carved out pumpkin bowl
  • Put up a Pretzel bar
  • Build a German Charcuterie Board
  • Host a Beer flight / tasting area
  • Have an Oktoberfest Music and Dancing area
  • Put together an Oktoberfest inspired chili cook off
  • Make your own traditional Gingerbread Heart

And to top it all off, since the occasion is so close to Halloween. Why not turn it into a costume party and have your guests dress up in lederhosen for the men or a beer maiden dress for the women!

Baby’s First Fall Birthday

If your little one was born in the beautiful season of autumn then this birthday theme will make the perfect party to commemorate the day they were born! So how do you represent fall for a birthday? Well, to bring out the beautiful colors of fall, decorate with floral arrangements that are made up of rustic orange, yellow and red. You can do this by using leaves and marigolds or sunflowers. And along with these floral arrangements you can decorate the house and party table with orange and brown balloons as well as put out themed foods such as mini pumpkin pie cupcakes for the “cake element”! Then to bring it all together put up a personalized first fall birthday banner that features an image of your little one and their name. 

Popcorn and Jelly Beans

A popcorn and jelly beans birthday party theme is the perfect fall birthday party idea for any child or person that loves good ol chuck and his best friend. If your birthday boy or girl loves having a tradition of watching good ol chuck brown every year for thanksgiving, then they’ll love this popcorn and jelly beans inspired birthday party. Simply decorate the house with yellow balloons, a garland made of popcorn and a personalized popcorn and jelly beans birthday banner that features the birthday boy or girl’s name. Then to bring together the theme with the party snacks, put out jelly beans, toast and jam to commemorate the show. 

Friendsgiving Birthday

If you or your loved one loves celebrating Friendsgiving but your birthday is in the same month, then why not turn your birthday into a Friendsgiving birthday party! Decorate with thanksgiving and fall decorations, invite all of your friends and make a semi-traditional thanksgiving dinner just as you would for your annual friendsgiving party. Have fun with this theme and send out thanksgiving themed party invitations and put up a Friendsgiving banner that features all of the fall colors and can be personalized with your celebration info.

Autumn Harvest Birthday

This birthday theme is great for all ages! One of the best ways to put together an autumn harvest birthday party is by decorating with traditional fall decorations. These decorations can include pumpkins, gourds, a cornucopia centerpiece for the table, fall leaf garlands with warm LED lights and lots of fall floral arrangements to place around the house or backyard. Then commemorate the special birthday boy or girl with an autumn harvest birthday banner that can be made with any background color that matches your fall theme and features the birthday boy or girl’s name and age. 

Now that we’ve laid out the list of some of the best ideas for fall birthday party, you’ll be on your way to planning the best on season parties of the year for any of your loved ones. These fall birthday party ideas are not only festive but fun as well! The possibilities are endless for decorating ideas, activities and food ideas. 

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