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10 Must Have Halloween Signs

 If you Love halloween like we Love halloween, you are in for a treat, not a trick! This article will go over 5 of the very best halloween signs that you have to try this halloween.  If you celebrate halloween at all these halloween banners and halloween birthday banners are a must have to really bring the spooks home this year! 

Halloween during quarantine can be a blast if you plan correctly and we would love to help! Here are 5 great halloween signs that are sure to bring great fun to your next halloween birthday party. 

Freddy's Birthday Banner

freddys birthday banner

Freddys birthday wish halloween banner is a great start to kick off the halloween signs for 2021.  Freddy is a favorite horror flick and the red and green bars send chills down your spine. Imagine hearing the haunting melody playing and the little girls singing 1 - 2 freddys coming for you...  

If you are celebrating a halloween birthday, and you are a fan of freddy krueger, this freddy's birthday wish halloween birthday banner is a must have for a fun halloween birthday bash!  Made from super premium 13 oz vinyl material and printed with quality, this halloween banner will last many celebrations to come.  Personalize yours today!

Micheals Halloween Sign

michaels halloween banner


What better way to celebrate a halloween party than with the originator of halloween, Michaels Halloween! Personalize this halloween sign with your birthday name and age or just make it a spookfest halloween banner! Your choice, either way it will make for a very exciting celebration and set the mood of the spooky day. 

Halloween signs have a great wow effect at a halloween party and a personalized halloween sign is even better! It’s always better when your name is 6 feet wide and next to a horror classic! Turn on your favorite halloween playlist and hang up this banner for an epic halloween bash you won’t soon forget! Personalize your michaels halloween banner now!

Clowns Halloween Banner

killer clowns halloween banner

From the beginning of halloween celebrations, or even scary movies, clowns have always played a big part in scaring the pants off of people.  Maybe it's their wicked laugh or their white face paint with colored accents.  Either way it makes for a great scary celebration this halloween. 

Celebrate your next halloween party in a scary clown themed party with popcorn and munchies reminiscent of a clown carnival gone way wrong! Take it a step further by personalizing this halloween sign with your info and have a great blast this halloween! 

Hocus Pocus Sign

hocus pocus sign

Hocus Pocus is and will always be an icon of halloween celebrations.  They really put a spell on us!  The Sanderson sisters know how to keep a party alive for centuries and this halloween you can bring them back to life with your halloween party this year.  

Personalize with your name and age and if you want to take it a step further and add your personal message, you can get it customized even more, just message us prior to purchase.  This halloween is going to be marvelous with this addition to a fun filled night! Get your Hocus Pocus Sign Here

Halloween Monsters Banner

halloween horror banner

If you are just an all around horror flick junkie and can’t get enough of all the boogeymen and ahem… dolls, then this is your celebration banner! Our sizes range from our Mini (4 foot) to our Mega (10 foot) and they are printed on premium quality vinyl and prints come out vibrant and rich! So the bloody reds look bloody red!

This halloween sign welcomes the crowd and lets everyone know loudly whose party they are attending.  And what a party it will be with the forefathers of horror welcoming your guests.  Personalize yours now! 

Traditional Personalized Halloween Sign

Pumpkin Halloween Banner

Personalizing a traditional family spookfest is another great way to celebrate the big day. Jack-o-lanterns and halloween go together like christmas trees and christmas.  In the 1800’s they would carve gourds, light candles inside and line the streets with them to bring the spirit of halloween in a spooky orange glowing night.  It made for such a beautiful halloween night that people started celebrating it each year. 

Why not carry on the celebration this halloween with a beautiful personalized jack-o-lantern halloween sign to welcome your party people! Starting at only $40 for our mini size, it's a great way to bring in the halloween party in a fun festive way. Personalize yours here!

IT - Time to Float Halloween Sign

Time to float halloween banner

For those who love to float this is a HIT for halloween birthdays! The new IT movie was a huge hit and done so well that its become a twist of scary clown and horrific demon hell bent on stealing childrens scared souls.  We loved it so much that we had to make a personalized banner to fit the occasion.  Full of the red balloons and a creepy clown's eye peeking through to wish the birthday boy or girl a happy birthday!

Decorate your home with red balloons, carnival goodies and get this personalized Time to Float Halloween Banner and have a spooky halloween party you and your guests will never forget!  Personalize yours here!

Shining Halloween Banner

shining halloween banner

All work and no play makes for a dull halloween party! And who needs a dull halloween party? This halloween party banner will shine with beautiful  color as you celebrate one of the best horror flicks of all time.  Take it a step further by personalizing it to your birthday boys or girls name, pictures and age!  A Lot of our customers like to do a then and now picture or you can do a couple different pictures portrayed in a bloody typed banner! 

This halloween will be a blast if you decorate the house with some type written pages flying up the wall, an ashtray in front of a typewriter and blood all over the walls.  What an epic celebration it will be and we can help! Personalize yours now!

Haunted Hollywood Marquee Banner

Haunted Hollywood Halloween Banner

Now this is an epic halloween sign for the halloween movie buffs!   All of your most feared halloween spooks on one banner surrounding a personalized movie marquee.  Personalize with a birthday, or any text (that will fit with this font size) to make for a super exciting and colorful banner.  Some of our customers even wanted it in their theater room for a halloween movie night!

Another great idea is to make a haunted halloween theme and dress up as hollywood actors and actresses that have been attacked by movie monsters! Either way this halloween can be a blockbuster with this personalized haunted halloween sign.

Nightmare Before Christmas Banner

Nightmare before christmas halloween banner

And last but certainly not least… none other than the Pumpkin Kings altered adventures of holiday confusion! Fans from all over the world love and celebrate the spooky twist on  the holidays.  Jack and his friends celebrate halloween like the north pole celebrates christmas.  We should all enjoy the fun of this day and kicking it off with a great themed party is the perfect way!

Celebrating this frightful day can be a blast with a nightmare before christmas themed halloween party.  Carve your pumpkins, light your candles and hang this personalized halloween banner up to make a great halloween party memory.  

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