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5 Valentines Day Gift Ideas You Would Never of Thought of

Valentine's day is just around the corner! So what do you buy for your sweetheart to say I love you in the most endearing way? Well grab a box of chocolates, your fuzzy socks and dig in for the five best gifts to get your beloved this Valentines day!



There's a reason why personalized gifts has caught a huge trend. Because its SOOO impactful! What gift makes someone get so emotional they can even cry? Personalized picture gifts for him or her make a huge difference over the old bouquet of roses! Personalized valentines gifts can even be a canvas wall art of a pet such as a Watercolor Portrait from Photo or even the first date you went on. Cheap personalized gifts are becoming more available and popular for online shoppers due to everyone being at home now. More and more online businesses are lowering prices to stay competitive so this is a great way to give the perfect Personalized valentines gifts.



Being in the house all day sometimes makes you go stir crazy so make him or her happy by refreshing the artwork around the house! Living room canvas wall art can really make a difference, maybe even rearranging the furniture and changing the lighting. Cheap canvas wall art is becoming more of a trend on social media so its easier to find really good art to decorate your walls. Once decorated, plan a great dinner and movie night together and reminisce on great memories together while building new ones!





Now that you have a beautifully decorated house covered, you can really make your mark with a super soft personalized fleece blanket. Netflix and chill will be so much better when a personalized picture blanket covers you both while watching your favorite flick! Also it looks so nice to come to bed with a huge picture of you both draped on your bed. Personalized picture blankets also fall under the cheap personalized gifts category because for the price you get a custom made gift for under $100 printed on premium soft fleece. Definitely a must have for your valentine.



Yes its leaning mostly towards personalized gifts but you just can't deny the fact that things are so much better with yours or your loved ones face printed right on it! and Personalized photo mugs are no exception. Picture your ball and chain getting up and making their normal cup of joe each morning but now they can do it with their most loved person or pet right on their mug. Personalized photo mugs have grown tremendously in popularity and especially around the gift giving holidays.






Our personal favorite! with this gift, you can actually turn a normal photo buried in your phone or facebook page and have it artistically watercolored and transformed from a regular photo into a work of art. Watercolor is such a beautiful and artistic way to celebrate your love in a poetic fashion. Watercolor photos really capture the moment in the picture more than you can even imagine! Beware though, it gets addicting because once you get one done, you will want all of your photos and all of your family and friends photos in watercolor. you have been warned!

And thats it! thats the 5 best valentines gifts to give this year and they are guaranteed to make your loved one shed a tear of happiness. Personalized valentines gifts are not only impactful but a lot of the ones we mentioned will last a lifetime! At HomeHaps we believe in putting a smile on the face of each person that opens our gifts. Happy Valentines Day to your and your loved ones!

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