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7 Creative Last Minute Wedding Gift Ideas

Have a wedding to attend but haven’t bought a gift yet? Don’t worry, we know how stressful last minute shopping can be, so we've put together some of our favorite last-minute wedding gifts that are thoughtful, creative and fast to ship out. These gifts will be sure to make the newlyweds happy!


A thoughtful gift is the best gift to give but that can be hard when you’re in a time crunch. So here are a few last minute wedding gifts that are SURE to hit the mark!

 3 Piece Canvas Set - Live Laugh Love

 1. Live Laugh Love Canvas Set

 Most newlyweds are soon to be homebuyers, so a last minute wedding gift that involves some type of home decor is a great and thoughtful gift to give. Our favorite quick gift to give is this 3 piece Live Laugh Love canvas set made with a premium quality artist canvas.  These canvases have the option to choose between a black or white canvas, the color frame you would like as well as the size. Not only is it a special gift but it makes a great first time home buyer gift.



 Watercolor Portrait from Photo

 2. Watercolor Portrait

If you’re looking for a really sentimental gift to give the newlyweds but only have a short amount of time to do so then this watercolor portrait is the perfect last minute wedding gift idea! Made from your favorite photo of the newlyweds and printed on a premium quality artist canvas that is stretched over a 1.5 inch thick frame, this gift truly makes a beautiful piece of art that will bring a tear of joy to their faces. This is for sure one gift they’ll never forget. Oh and did we mention it’s a fast turnaround too!



 Oil Painting Portrait from photo

 3. Custom Oil Painting

Much like the watercolor portrait, this oil painting from photo can be transformed from your favorite photo! With a fast turnaround time and printed on a premium quality artist canvas that is stretched over a 1.5 inch thick frame, this makes a great last minute wedding gift that will forever be cherished.



 2 in 1 Wedding Portrait from Photo

 4. 2 in 1 Watercolor Portrait

 If you’re wanting a gift that is a little more artistic and would like to feature two photos rather than one, then this 2 in 1 Watercolor Portrait will make the perfect sentimental last minute wedding gift. This portrait features two of your favorite photos of the newlyweds and transforms them into a unique and creative piece they can add to their new home!



 Last Name Sign

 5. Last Name Sign

 A great way to really bring home the fact that they are finally one is a gift that features their last name. Give them a gift that showcases their last name with this rustic Last Name Sign. With background options, frame options and fast turnaround times, this gift is for sure great for a last minute wedding gift.



 Wedding Vows Canvas Set

6. Wedding Vows Canvas Set

Now this gift is normally something you would get for an anniversary but if you have some great ideas for the quotes to put on each side of their engagement photo then you’ll love this last minute wedding gift. The left and right canvases have the option for his and hers as well as fully personalized text and your favorite photo of the couple featured in the middle canvas.



 Personalized Acrylic Wall Calendar

7. Personalized Acrylic Wall Calendar

 Another great way to feature their last name is with an acrylic wall calendar that can be personalized with not only their last name but with much needed planning tools such as: a to do list, shopping list, notes, scriptures, quotes, or anything that they’ll need to start off on the right foot! This gift is not only great for a last minute wedding gift but for a housewarming gift as well.


Each of these items take about a week to complete and arrive so with these 7 last minute wedding gift ideas you’ll be ready to attend that reception without a single worry!

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