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8 of The Best Ideas For Secret Santa Gifts

With Christmas right around the corner, chances are you’ve been invited to a secret Santa party and now that you have the name of the person you’ll be giving a gift to, it’s time to start planning for the special gift they’ll be receiving! Whether it’s a family secret Santa party or an office secret Santa party we know this list of ideas for secret Santa gifts will sure make your recipient overjoyed. So grab your peppermint mochas and get ready to check off that gift list!

Personalized Acrylic Wall Calendar

A personalized acrylic wall calendar is not only great for someone who has kids and loves to get organized but for anyone! With the new year fast approaching, this perpetual calendar makes it easy to follow through on those new year’s resolutions. The best part is these acrylic wall calendars can be personalized with their family name and specialized items such as; a shopping list, menu, to-do list, notes, etc.. and not to mention, it comes with a stylish easy to hang hardware.

Watercolor Pet Portrait from Photo

If your recipient loves their pet, then this gift is the ultimate gift you can get them! Made from one of their photos, it is transformed into a watercolor portrait that is not only sentimental but creative as well. These watercolor pet portraits are transformed into a beautiful piece of art and printed on a premium quality artist canvas that is stretched over a 1.5” thick MDF stretcher frame. They are made to last a lifetime! So not only will your recipient cry a tear of joy when they open it but they will cherish it for the rest of their lives as well. 

Sketched Portrait from Photo

Much like the watercolor pet portrait, this sketched portrait is made from any of your recipients favorite photos. Their photo is transformed into a beautiful sketched piece and is printed on either a rolled canvas, stretched canvas or poster and is available in several sizes. Not only will your recipient love their gift but this secret Santa gift will be the star of the party!

Live Laugh Love Canvas Set

Gifting a live laugh love canvas set is perfect if your secret Santa recipient has just moved into a new home! Not only do these canvases look aesthetically pleasing but they offer some daily words of wisdom. With several color options to choose from, it’ll fit anyone’s style. This is one gift any recipient will love! 

Watercolor Painting from Photo

Popular for a reason, this gift is one of the most sentimental gifts you can give this holiday season! Give the gift of a piece of art made from your recipient's favorite photo (or one of their instagram photos you love) and have it transformed into a watercolor portrait. Watercolor portraits are a great way to truly capture those special moments! Not only are they great for a secret Santa gift but for a Christmas gift for your loved ones as well.

Watercolor Painting from Photo Blanket

Photo Blankets not only offer a great home decoration but a nice cozy piece to cuddle up to that is filled with your fondest memories. But this isn’t any photo blanket, this is a watercolor portrait made from your favorite photo (or recipients favorite photo). They’ll be crying a tear of joy the minute they open this beautiful gift and afterwards they’ll be able to take it home and snuggle up to it with a cup of hot chocolate and their favorite holiday movie!

Personalized Family Collage

A family photo collage portrait is a great way to add multiple photos into a canvas, all while adding a personalized message that is special to your recipient. With the ability to choose from MOM, DAD or FAMILY this makes a great secret Santa gift for a loved one.

Custom Colorful Sketched Pet

This is a  great gift idea for any pet lover who loves a little pop art! Not only is it a sentimental gift that they will love forever but it adds a touch of color to their wall decorations. Transform your recipient's pet photo into a beautiful sketch and print it on a beautifully vibrant colored canvas to really make them pop!

Personalized gifts are the best gifts as they show a lot of thought and creativity was put into the gift and these personalized secret Santa gifts will have your recipient crying a tear of joy the moment they open it! It’ll be a gift they’ll never forget.

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