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Happy Birthday Mom in Heaven

Mom... so much to be said about those 3 short letters. She’s a teacher, a confidant, a support system, a smile, a laugh, a dance. Moms across the planet have always been such a vast wealth of love and compassion. She filled our hearts when they were empty and squeezed tears away when we were full of tears. When shes gone she is definitely not forgotten, especially on her birthday! Here’s a few gift ideas to celebrate the happy birthday mom in heaven.

Custom Watercolor Painting

Custom Watercolor Painting

This is one of our favorites. Our customers favorites too! Celebrate the happy birthday mom with a custom watercolor painting from photo. Any photo you can find of sweet moms glory days can be transformed into a beautiful art piece, printed on premium canvas and shipped direct to you. It will last a lifetime and it comes with a free hanging kit. Starting at only $53 dollars it's a great small investment to remember mom or a gift for someone looking to celebrate mom.

Mom Quote Canvas

Custom Canvas

A great wall art piece to celebrate a wonderful happy birthday mom quote or any quote that reminds you of mom. We personalize with a great pic of mom, or you and mom and a great quote or saying that reminds you of her beautiful presence. It is sure to be a great gift for someone remembering their mom or even yourself to hang at the dinner table.

Custom Watercolor Painting on Blanket!

Custom Watercolor Painting

That’s right, our best selling watercolor portrait can now be printed on a super soft plush velvet blanket that you or the giftee will cherish always! Not only soft but personalized with your favorite photo transformed into a watercolor portrait but blown up and printed on a velvety soft plush blanket. This is one beautiful hidden gem in our store.

Collage Photo Canvas

Mom Collage Canvas

Gather some of the best photos you can find and send them into us and we collect them into a collage canvas shaped in the letters MOM. Add your favorite quote or a small note to personalize it your way. It’s a great way to wish a happy birthday mom in heaven and add a nice remembrance to the home.

Wishing happy birthday to a mom in heaven can be a beautiful celebration of the life she has lived and the memories she left behind. We at HomeHaps Love to celebrate these moments and putting these memories together. Our canvases are made from premium material to last a lifetime and print and deliver in less than a week. We look forward to helping you celebrate your birthday mom in heaven!

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