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Memorable Gifts for Any Occasion 

Gift giving can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to a loved one. And chances are you’re spending the majority of the time thinking about what to get them instead of spending the majority of the time creating it. Let’s face it, a quick gift, last minute gift, or the pick of what’s left in the store is never the most memorable gift. So we’ve put together a list of creative, unique, sentimental and memorable gifts that your loved one will certainly never forget! 

Whether you’re looking for a gift for your loved ones birthday, Christmas or just because, it’s always best to give them a gift that has a lot of thought put into it! A memorable gift is not only thoughtful, but it’s a gift they’ll cherish forever. So what makes a gift memorable? 

  • One that has a lot of thought put into the sentiment of the gift

When choosing a gift, try to think about or identify what the person loves and likes. Do they love their family, pets, or home? This is a very important factor as any gift that would be memorable is one that holds a very special message that will forever be in their hearts. 

  • It shows time was spent on it

A gift that looks like there was a lot of time spent on it is always the most memorable gift. If you go back to gifts that you forgot about in your lifetime, chances are it was the gift cards, money or gift certificates to your favorite restaurant. I mean those gifts are great! Who doesn’t love a good gift card? However, these gifts were and are certainly not the most memorable gifts you’ve ever received. They were just very useful for the time being. So giving a gift that shows them you’re willing to spend a good amount of your time thinking about them is perfect for being everlasting in their memories.

  • It’s a useful gift

Another important aspect to a memorable gift is the usefulness of the gift. If the gift you’re giving is one that will just be put in storage for later then it’s not a gift that will truly wow them. So going back to the thought and time spent of the gift, try to think about what they will truly use or want to see on a daily basis. 

  • And last but certainly not least, Is the gift unlike anything they’ve ever received

Getting your loved one a unique gift is one of the best ways to make sure the gift is a memorable one. A gift that is completely unexpected and one that not any other family member would think about is a gift that your loved one will remember for the rest of their lives! So get creative and look for a gift that is unlike any other!

With these four very important factors in mind, we’ve put together a list of the most memorable gifts that show creativity, thought, time and usefulness! These gifts will certainly wow your “giftee” and will be one they will never forget.

Watercolor Portrait

Watercolor Painting from Photo

To start off the list, we’ve chosen a customer favorite and it’s a gift that will hang on their walls forever! These watercolor portraits are made from your photo, turned into a beautiful piece of art and printed on a premium artist canvas that is stretched over an MDF stretcher frame. So not only is this a memorable gift, but it’s a gift that will last a lifetime. Simply upload your favorite photo, choose your size, place your order and we do the rest. A simple, creative, thoughtful gift made in a matter of days yet has a huge impact on your loved one!

Family Collage

Family Collage Portrait

If your loved one has many family members that they absolutely adore then this gift is perfect for them! A family collage portrait is made with your loved ones favorite photos and placed inside and shaped into the letters of either MOM, DAD or FAMILY. It then has a special message or quote added to the top and the names of their family members added underneath. Once completed, it is printed on a premium artist canvas and tightly stretched over a 1.5” thick frame to ensure it lasts for years to come.

Watercolor Pet Portrait

 Watercolor Pet Portrait from Photo

A watercolor pet portrait is great for a loved one who absolutely loves their pet! So getting them a portrait of their furry little friend is certainly a gift that will bring a tear of joy to their face and will forever last in their memories. Simply send a photo of their pet and we transform it into a beautiful piece of art that will be the highlight of their decor. 

Military Photo Blanket

Military Photo Blanket

This gift is a memorable gift for either the soldier who is returning home or their loved one who is waiting for them to come home. A military photo blanket is perfect as it features a collage of images and includes their military rank to celebrate their achievements. It’s a gift your loved one will be able to snuggle up to and use as a decoration for their living room. So not only is it memorable for the sentiment of it but for the usefulness as well!

Oil Painting from Photo

Oil Painting from Photo

The most memorable gifts are the ones made from a sentimental photo. So it’s no wonder these portraits have become popular in the last two years! Perfect for weddings, Christmas, birthdays, Mother’s day, Father’s Day or just because. An oil painting from photo is a sentimental and creative gift that is made from your loved ones favorite photo and transformed into a beautiful piece of art. Once the art piece is completed, it is printed on a premium artist canvas and shipped out within a day of completing it! This gift will not only be useful as a beautiful art piece to add to their home decor but it will be a memorable gift that brought a tear of joy to their face the minute they opened it. 

Personalized Acrylic Wall Calendar

Personalized Acrylic Wall Calendar

This gift is an excellent choice for the “Type A” family member or for a loved one who is looking to get their family back on schedule. Now an acrylic wall calendar doesn’t sound all that sentimental, but a personalized acrylic wall calendar certainly is. With a calendar that is aesthetically pleasing to add to any home decor, personalized with their family name and personalized with their most used tasks - such as: notes, menu, shopping list, to-do list etc. it’ll certainly be one of the most memorable gifts they’ve received. It’s unique, thoughtful and useful! Which makes it perfect for a memorable gift.

Sketched Portrait From Photo

Sketched Portrait From Photo

Much like the watercolor painting photo and the oil painting from photo, this sketched portrait from photo will bring a tear of joy to your loved ones face the minute they open it. A sketched portrait takes your loved ones favorite photo and transforms it into a piece of art that can be printed on a premium artist canvas, a framed canvas, a rolled canvas or even a premium paper that can be placed in a frame and hung on their walls for years to come. 

Sheet Music Portrait

Sheet Music Portrait

A gift perfect for the newlyweds or a couple on their anniversary. Most couples have a song that they resonate with. So a portrait that features an image of them and the music notes to their favorite song is a sentimental gift they’ll love forever. A music sheet portrait is not only a memorable gift but a gift that can be hung on their walls to be cherished for a lifetime! 

Sketched Pet Portrait

Sketched Pet Portrait

Pet lovers love to see their furry friend turned into a portrait and this sketched pet portrait is a great way to honor their dog, cat, or even bird! This pet portrait is a great gift that will be everlasting in the “giftees” memories’ for the rest of their lives. Not only is it a great birthday gift or Christmas gift but it’s also a great way to memorialize a lost pet. 

As you can see, giving a memorable gift doesn’t have to be a hard task. In fact, with the four factors of creativity, thought, time and usefulness you’ll be on your way to making your loved ones day with a beautiful gift they’ll cherish forever. This list of gifts is great for any occasion! Whether it’s a wedding gift, birthday gift, Christmas gift, Mother’s day gift, Father’s day gift, memorial gift or just because, these gifts will certainly satisfy any occasion and bring a tear of joy to their faces.

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