Personalized Wedding Gifts - The Hottest Trend in Gift Giving

Personalized Wedding Gifts - The Hottest Trend in Gift Giving

A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion. And when someone you love gets married, whether they are a friend or family, you want to be there for them. And what better way to show you care than with a thoughtful wedding gift? 

But these days, wedding presents are becoming harder to make personal. The same wedding registry is provided for everyone. And by the time you finally get to buying, it seems that everything you'd wanted to get them has been bought already, and you don't want to get the happy couple the third plain pot on the list. 

We think it's time to get creative. If you want to give a present the couple will cherish, we have everything you need to know about buying personalized wedding gifts in this guide. 

Why Give a Personalized Wedding Gift?

With storage units taking over the country, it's clear that people have more stuff than they know what to do with. As people add items to their wedding registry, they may not have a clear idea of what they'll actually use or even request one-use items that end up disappearing quickly. 

Personalized wedding gifts

Thankfully, with some thought and lots of love, you can find a personalized wedding gift that is actually used and appreciated, not stored in a container.

This is also better for you. You're the one paying for the present after all. There's no bigger waste of your money than something that will never be used. By choosing personalized wedding gifts, you're putting your money into something that transcends just being a kind gesture; it will be cherished by the couple for years to come.

Giving a personalized wedding gift also forever connects you to the present. Of course, it's the bride and groom's special day. But while a hand mixer will just become another hand-mixer, personalized wedding gifts stand out from the crowd. This means you'll be remembered for giving an important memento on the life-changing day. 

What Makes a Good Personalized Wedding Gift?

Not all personalized wedding gifts are created equal. For example, just because something is personalized doesn't make it beloved, important, or useful. 

But don't worry, we have compiled a list of the key factors that make a wedding gift personalized. 

Has Meaning for the Bride and Groom

Personalized Wedding Gift

For many, personalized just means printing a couple's name on any item, like glasses, plates, candles, and more. However, this doesn't mean the couple would be interested in the item itself if not for the addition of their names. This exact gift could be given to any couple if you scratch out the name. 

Whether you want to present the gift on the special day or you're looking for a wedding gift for the bride from the groom, make sure the object has meaning for the couple. What makes this gift special that it couldn't simply go to anyone else? 

That's one of the reasons people love custom watercolor portraits. The portrait captures a moment in time that is so unique to the subjects of the portrait. It's not just a name added to the item. The couple is the star of the canvas, making it unique. 

So, before you spring for just another personalized wine glass for a couple who may or may not enjoy wine, opt for something that speaks to the couple you want to celebrate. Without meaning, it's just another present. 

Easy to Use

According to studies on the psychology of gift-giving, the best presents are found by considering how valuable a gift will be throughout the ownership rather than just the moment of giving it. 

For example, consider a flashy item that makes for a fun present to give in the moment. However, it has a downfall: it's difficult to use. Worse, the purpose it serves isn't worth the trouble. Imagine kitchen appliances that serve very specific purposes that can be accomplished with other tools. The flashy appliance sits at the back of the cupboard, and no one can be bothered to find the instruction manual. 

Rather than large, complicated items, think about things that are easy to use. Better yet, what can be used easily and regularly? 

For example, an artistic wedding gift personalized to the couple is easy to use because all a couple needs to do is find a spot to show it off. Once in place in a home's decor, the couple can enjoy looking at it whenever they like without the need to retrieve it from the back of a closet. 

The easier to use, the more likely a couple will come back to the item again and again. And each time they do, they'll think back to their beautiful wedding day and the special wedding gift personalized by you. 


The day of a marriage represents a life-long commitment. So presenting the newlyweds with something that will only last a year or two seems short-sighted. 

You want your wedding gift for the bride and groom to be a part of their lives for years to come. And with the right personalized wedding gift, the couple will look forward to using it forever. 

Consider that a couple may not stay in the same spot long. Their items will travel from one house to another for years to come, perhaps come into contact with young children and pets. 

So when you're shopping, look for a wedding gift personalized and prepared to go the distance. High-quality materials and good craftsmanship are good places to start. This means no single-use items. As for novelty items, they may be durable, but they're not meant to travel from home to home throughout the years. 

Look for personalized wedding gifts that are not only durable but have a long-lasting nature. These don't go out of style. They're not a gag; they carry meaning that a couple wants to be reminded of. 

What's the Best Personalized Wedding Gift?

One of the most popular personalized wedding gifts is a watercolor portrait. Personalized portraits check all the boxes: 

  • They're meaningful
  • They're easy to use (hang it up and enjoy!)
  • They are made of superior materials and hang safely on the wall

As a result, these gifts are more likely to last on a wall for decades to come.  

Accessible and Versatile

People imagine portraits and think of sitting for hours to get a painting. But ordering a portrait as a personalized wedding gift has never been easier. Submit a photo of the happy couple, and get a custom-made canvas. 

The possibilities are endless for these portraits. This could come from the couple's engagement photos, or you can snag a picture from the wedding and present the canvas after. 

This makes for an extra special wedding gift for the bride from the groom. You simply can't go wrong with immortalizing your loved one on perhaps the most important day of your relationship. 

A portrait makes for a unique gift that can never be replicated or found in someone else's home. Featuring the two lovebirds, it is a romantic piece of art that will always be admired. 

Customize Your Portrait

Personalized Wedding Gift

A portrait as a personalized wedding gift is already customized based on the couple's photo. But you can go even further to make the canvas perfectly fit the couple:

  • First, you can choose whether you want a watercolor, an oil painting, or a sketch. Both will be from the photo without a background, providing an intimate, beautiful, and realistic portrait.
  • Now you can choose the presentation. Will the photo of the couple be surrounded by a heart? Or will you opt for wedding vows on canvases?

Perhaps one of the most unique personalized wedding gifts is a musical portrait. Get the music sheet of any song and have it printed over the portrait. This could be a song that's important to the newlyweds, the song from their first dance, or a classic romantic song. 

With these customizations, this gift could only belong to the couple. When you have such meaningful, personalized wedding gifts for your friends, you're showing how much you care and support them in this next adventure in life. 

Easy to Order

Ordering a portrait has never been easier. Simply submit a photo online, choose your customizations, and the pros take care of the rest. 

However, you'll want to make sure you're ordering from a trusted company that will reliably handle the canvas. This ensures the best result and a speedy arrival time for the wedding date. 

Take advantage of an easy wedding gift personalized to mean something special to the people who mean so much to you. 

Get Your Wedding Gift Personalized

Don't show up to the wedding of your friend or family member with just another card. Get a wedding gift personalized that is unforgettable. With personalized wedding gifts like canvas portraits, you never have to worry about just cluttering a couple's home. 

If you keep these suggestions in mind, you'll find that gifting a personalized wedding gift is easier than you think. 

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