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Trending Halloween Themes for Your Next Halloween Bash

Halloween themes have always been a fun way to celebrate that spooky day so we have compiled some great ideas for your next big halloween themed party.  They are tried and proven halloween themes that fulfill even the scariest ghoul holiday fan. 

Here's some of ours and our customers favorite Halloween Themes

Freddys Halloween!

Freddy's Birthday Banner

Here is a customer review we received of an epic freddy halloween themed birthday party! Red and green all over and draped with the sleep haunting freak we all love: Freddy! This is for sure one of the best halloween themes we love to celebrate.  And what better way to celebrate it than with a personalized halloween banner customized for your halloween party or birthday party.  Get yours personalized today

Michaels Halloween

Halloween Themes - Michael Halloween Banner

Everyone knows and loves the actual boogeyman that haunts literally anyone who takes a shower: Michael! Another one of the great halloween themes we love to celebrate! For a good hitcher themed halloween party this Michael / (Your Name) personalized halloween banner is sure to fire up the fright juices! Made from premium vinyl and good to use for many fright fests in the future this halloween banner will last you many years of fun and memories.  Personalize yours now! 

Hocus Pocus Halloween

Halloween Themes - Hocus Pocus Banner

Who isn’t a fan of Hocus Pocus? And the creativity you can come up with on this halloween themes special day is endless! Of course our favorite is a personalized hocus pocus birthday banner which you can customize with your party name or birthday name and age. This is a halloween party best seller every year!  Personalize your hocus pocus banner Now! 

Pumpkins Everywhere Theme

Halloween Themes - Pumpkins Banner

They say that in the 1800’s pumpkins were seeded and gutted and a candle was lit inside to light up the streets at night which gave a very cool but eerie look all over the towns.  Its such a beautifully spooky orange color everywhere so this really brings back the old halloween feel by having a pumpkins everywhere halloween themes.  And in true HomeHaps fashion, we felt inclined to fill the party celebration with a personalized Pumpkins everywhere banner!

Killer Clowns Halloween Theme

Halloween Themes - Killer Clowns Banner

Clowns have long been a topic for psychiatrists and phobias for good reason, they can be downright scary! Our killer clowns theme is no exception for throwing an epic killer clowns halloween themes party! Make the whole house look like a crazy circus and even get some printed big top tents outside to take it to the next level.  Some balloon animals, some good cheese dip and for sure a personalized killer clowns banner!

And last but certainly not least!...

Jack’s Halloween

Halloween Themes - Pumpkin King Banner

One of the best selling but also most loved halloween stories of all time is the pumpkin kings pursuit for change just to realize he truly was the best at what he loved the most! Scaring! And No halloween themes party article would be complete without the king of scream! We love jack and his christmas aspired fantasy so much that we actually have a few banners to celebrate the occasion but our customers tend to love this one the most.  Personalize yours today!

There are many more Halloween Themes we love and celebrate but that will be a topic of another scary story soon to come!

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