Valentine's Ideas for 2022 Guaranteed To Impress!

Valentine's Ideas for 2022 Guaranteed To Impress!


Valentine's Day is closely approaching and if you haven't gotten your loved one a gift yet you're going to love this!

New York Times reported that personalized gifts are trending for 2022 and for a good reason too! They are so impactful and memorable! Such as painting your loved one from a photograph of theirs on Instagram or Facebook without them even knowing and then getting it printed on a premium canvas that last them a lifetime.

In This article we are going to go over some outstanding gifts for your loved ones on this Valentine's Day season. don't be so Hasty to go to Amazon this Valentine's Day as we've got your best pics right here!

Watercolor Portrait from Photo

Valentines Ideas - Watercolor Portrait

There's just something breathtaking about watercolor paintings. It looks so poetic and so beautiful, it really captures the moment. HomeHaps specializes in watercolor portraits and they can do it from any photograph that you can dig up. it makes the perfect gift because the receiver usually breaks into tears and says how did you get that picture? If you're going for the shock and awe effect, watercolor portraits are a great way to make your loved one super happy and they will hang it on their walls forever! So Ultra brownie points for you :-).

The way it works is you just send HomeHaps a photograph here, pick your size canvas and they happily greet you and get started on transforming your photograph into a work of art! It usually takes about 2 to 3 days for them to finish and send you a preview of what it will look like, which is lightning speed compared to other painting from photo companies. Then they print it on a premium artist canvas with super vibrant colors guaranteed to not fade for 200 plus years and complete with a hanging kit ready for you to hang.  

If you're looking for Valentine's ideas  this year that really leave a mark, watercolor portraits are our top pick for 2022! get yours here.

Watercolor Blanket From Photo

Another great pick for valentines ideas For 2022 is the water color blanket from photo. Just like the watercolor portrait but instead of printing it on a premium canvas you can have it printed on a super soft fleece blanket. HomeHaps has several sizes to choose from and yes the blankets ARE super soft. But most importantly the watercolor portrait of your loved one will be printed on the blanket that they snuggle with! Imagine that!

Gone are the days when a candle or a picture frame was something special. If you're looking for something super special this Valentine's Day, this watercolor blanket from photo will be one of the most memorable gifts you will ever give! simply upload your photo and within days it will arrive at your doorstep! It's that simple to make such a huge impact on your loved one! Get yours here.

Oil Painting from Photo

Imagine having a beautiful oil painting of you and your loved one on your walls like you see rich people have in the movies. You can capture all your special moments and make them even more special with an oil painting portrait. 

You can even get a picture of you and your loved ones' first date together and have it transformed into a beautiful oil painting. The best part is that it won't cost thousands like it used to. The talented artists at HomeHaps will bring your favorite photograph to life and print it on a premium canvas. Get yours here.

 Anniversary Our Song Canvas

If you've enjoyed many happy years of marriage and want to give a perfect gift to commemorate the time you've been together then this is another great pick for valentine's ideas! Dig up your favorite wedding photo and send it over to HomeHaps along with your favorite love song lyrics and they will create a beautiful canvas to cherish always.

You can even choose to have it on different colored frames to match your decor. Make a nice dinner and present this to your loved one and you are sure to score some major points this Valentine's Day. Personalized yours here. 

Watercolor Pet Portrait

Pet Portrait

And Last but definitely not least… The absolute perfect gift for the pet lover that you love! a watercolor pet portrait showcasing owner and pet together in a loving moment and then poetically watercolor painted on canvas or framed art! another Unforgettable gift that they will keep for a lifetime!

People love their pets! more than other people sometimes lol. That is because of the huge bond that develops between owner and pet. Celebrating their bond even on Valentine's Day is a great gift idea!  Pick up a photo on Instagram or Facebook and send it over to HomeHaps and they will deliver a masterpiece watercolor portrait / pet portrait for your loved one.


And that does it for our 2022 Valentine's ideas list! we hope you love it! And we know your loved one will. not to say that flowers aren't always a good addition to these gifts as well as a really well prepared meal or dessert.

The most important thing is that your heart is in it fully and they will feel it and love you even more for it! 

Happy Valentines Day!

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