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What Anniversary is the 25th

What Anniversary is the 25th

There's gold, silver, wood, iron, even cotton! but which is which? No worries, in this article we will clarify all anniversaries including and starting with the 25th anniversary.  

Silver is the 25th anniversary!

In medieval German times, about the 18th century or so, it was considered to be a huge accomplishment to reach 25 years of marriage. 

Not your typical  buy a nice card and flowers and maybe a nice dinner, No! It was a Huge celebration in which the couple was gifted with a wreath made of silver.  Back then, life expectancy was considerably lower so making it to 25 years was cause for great celebration. 

/What Anniversary is the 25th called

So where did the assigning of precious materials to anniversary celebrations begin? 

Now that you know what anniversary is the 25th called It so happens that Germans started the gift giving with silver and gold wreaths and celebrations that were talked about for generations.  Since the 1800’s as more and more couples celebrated even each year, the materials began symbolizing the years.  

As the time together grew and the marriage got stronger and stronger, so did the materials that symbolized them. 

Here's a breakdown of the most common ones: 

  • 1st year : Paper
  • 2nd year : Cotton
  • 3rd year : Leather
  • 4th year : Fruit or flowers
  • 5th year : Wood
  • 6th year : Iron
  • 10th year : Tin
  • 11th year : Steel
  • 15th year : Crystal
  • 25th year : Silver
  • 30th year : Pearls
  • 40th year : Ruby
  • 45th year : Sapphire
  • 50th year : Gold 
  • 55th year : Emerald
  • 60th year : Diamond


There are plenty more but these are the main celebration years.  There are even weird ones like appliances for certain years, who thought of that? 

What anniversary is 25

To this day it is a very special occasion to celebrate the longevity of this bond.  Seems hard enough to get through each day sometimes let alone decades of marriage.  Couples who stay together should be celebrated because their strength teaches the rest of us how to be strong and enjoy each moment with our loved one.  

Heres a great list of our customers favorite anniversary gifts that are sure to make a great memorable token for the long lasting bond they have enjoyed together or endured! 


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