What is a watercolor portrait from a photo?

What is a watercolor portrait from a photo?

Customers send us any one of their favorite photos that they would love to see transformed in an artistic and poetic fashion.  

Watercolor Portrait

Our artists take that photo and digitally remove the background, then digitally hand paint over and around the photo fitting it perfectly to the edges of the canvas and focuses on the moment in the photo.  

That moment could be a fun day at the park with mom and daughter, a memorable concert between friends or a father and son bonding during a fishing trip.  

We then print with quality inks for maximum color vibrancy  on premium gallery wrapped canvas material and stretch it tightly over a solid 1.5” thick MDF stretcher frame. 

Watercolor Portrait From Photo

Each portrait is coated with a semi-gloss uv coating to lock in the colors guaranteed not to fade or discolor for over 200+ years!

We ship it anywhere in the world in less than 5-7 days Free Shipping. So it truly is a magical gift of a lifetime.

What makes a watercolor portrait such a special gift?

First and foremost, it's a very personal gift and immediately tugs at the heartstrings upon first seeing it.  But further than that, most of our customers tell us they will cherish it for life and that is exactly what the gift is made for.

Handcrafted with care, our artists focus the moment and paint around it in lovely earth tone colors that match most home decor.  We also offer background color options for different style options!

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