5 Wedding Decorations Ideas To Inspire Your Big Day

5 Wedding Decorations Ideas To Inspire Your Big Day

Planning a wedding can be stressful, especially when you're trying to coordinate everything from flowers to food to entertainment. But there are plenty of creative ideas that will help you plan a beautiful event without breaking the bank. Read below for some tips and tricks on choosing the best decorations:



Create A Color Palette

Wedding Decoration Ideas Choosing A Color Palette

The best way to begin is to start by choosing a color palette for your wedding. This includes colors that represent your personalities as well as those that match your venue's décor. When choosing your palette consider the season and what kind of weather you’ll be expecting as well. For instance if you're having a summer wedding, you might choose coral, teal, aqua, or blush shades while winter weddings might consist of cooler tones. You can find some great swatch palettes online or by going to any local craft or hardware stores.


Select The Perfect Flowers

Wedding Decoration Ideas - Selecting Flowers

Once you've selected a color scheme, think about flowers and much like the colors it’s always best to start with your favorites to add into the consideration list. What type of flower do you want to use? Do you prefer roses, tulips, or hydrangeas? 

When planning and choosing your flowers it is also best to consider the season as you want to make sure they will be available during the time your wedding takes place. However, you can use fake flowers as well if need be. 

For some more inspiration, here are a list of flowers for each season:

  • Springtime is perfect for bouquets with bright blooms such as tulips, daffodils, and lilacs. 
  • Summer weddings call for lush arrangements of gardenias, carnations, and lilies. 
  • Fall weddings favor pumpkins, gourds, marigolds and sunflowers. 
  • Winter is perfect for poinsettias or white blossoms such as snowdrops, roses or hyacinths.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to choosing a beautiful arrangement of flowers for your bouquet and centerpieces.


Create A Unique Theme

Wedding Decoration Ideas - Selecting a Theme

If you're having trouble coming up with some wedding theme ideas, consider asking friends and family as well as using Pinterest to search for ideas based off of your color scheme. To spark some inspiration, below are eight of the most trendy wedding themes that are perfect for any style:


Wedding Decoration Ideas Elegant Theme
Elegant Classic Wedding - If you’re looking for a classic black tie wedding or simply a classic colored wedding such as navy and gold then having a classic wedding is a great way to bring that theme to life.
Bohemian Style Wedding Decorations
Bohemian - A bohemian style wedding is a great choice if you are having a fall wedding. Its colors, flowy dresses and drapery with lights and candles will bring a romantic and elegant vibe to your big day.


Wedding Decoration Ideas Fairytale Wedding Theme


Fairytale - Having a fairytale wedding as your theme is a great way to bring in elements from your favorite princess movies when you were child (or adult years). Whether your favorite princess was Cinderella or Ariel, you can really have fun with the color schemes and decor.


Wedding Decorations Rustic
Rustic - Much like the bohemian theme, a rustic theme is another great fall theme! Fill the decorations with whiskey barrels, stringed lights and lanterns along with flowers such as hydrangeas to really bring in that rustic feel to your wedding decorations.
Wedding Decoration Ideas Garden Theme
Garden - If you love nature,  flowers or greenery, then a garden themed wedding is a great way to bring that style to life. Fill the decor with lots of green garlands, your favorite flowers and hold the wedding and reception outside in a very grassy area to keep the theme going.

Wedding Decorations Ideas Vintage
Vintage (1920’s / 1950’s theme) - If you and your husband to be are into the ‘20s or ‘50’s era then this theme is perfect! It’s a great way to theme your party with a vintage style wedding dress and tux. Have fun with this theme and if you’re going for a 50’s theme deck out your bridesmaids with pinup dresses and even theme your reception like a diner or if you love the 1920’s style, pearls, feathers and headbands are a must!

Wedding Decorations Gothic Theme
Gothic - A gothic wedding is a great theme for October or Halloween weddings! Decorate the venue with black roses, candelabras, black tule and incorporate lots of deep reds as well. 
Wedding Decoration Ideas Movie Theme
Movie / TV - If you’re a movie buff this theme will be a perfect and fun way to decorate your venue! Think about your favorite movie or TV show and decorate it with elements from those movies / shows. 

Whatever you decide, have fun with it and make sure it's something you truly enjoy.



Create A Romantic Setting

Wedding Decoration Ideas - Create a Romantic Setting

Once you have decided on a theme, now it’s time to bring in the elegance of the theme. One of the easiest ways to set the mood for your event is by decorating the venue. Think about how you want your guests to feel when they enter the room. Do you want them to feel relaxed and comfortable? Or do you want them to feel excited and ready to party? Consider adding candles, soft lighting, and flowers to create a romantic setting and if you're having your wedding ceremony later in the day and the reception is outdoors, then stringed lights is the perfect way to bring a nice warm glow. Either way, make sure the lighting matches the theme you have chosen for your decor.


Find The Best Decorations

Once you have decided on a color palette and theme for the wedding, the decorations will be easy to coordinate. Below are some of the most popular wedding decorations:



Wedding Decoration Ideas Wedding Welcome Sign



Wedding Welcome Sign

Welcome your guests to both your ceremony and reception with a wedding welcome sign! The great thing about these welcome signs is there are several styles to match the theme of your wedding and the names are personalized to you and your fiancé! Not only that but they are easy to display. All you need is a gallery stand, it can be wooden, metal or acrylic. Whatever you like to match your theme and it can also be decorated with flower arrangements to add to the elegance as well. 




Unique Wedding Guest Book


A Unique Wedding Guest "Book"

Every wedding has a guest book but sometimes a traditional guestbook can be boring and hard to display as a decoration in your home so instead of a guest book why not try something different? A watercolor portrait is a great way to transform one of your favorite photos of you and your fiancé into a beautiful piece of art that can be signed by your guests. This portrait is printed on a premium canvas and has space around the portrait for signatures. Simply let us know this is for a wedding guest “book” and we will happily accommodate the spacing on the portrait. 




Wedding Decoration Ideas - Name Cards


Table Settings With Name Cards

Once you have your guest list ready, have sent out your wedding invitations and everyone has RSVP’d it’s time to start thinking about those tables! First off, decorate the table with theme matching colors and look for name cards that will contrast well and bring it all together. Are you looking for bold and modern or light and elegant? Either way, make sure the name cards match your table settings as you want to make sure everything melds well together. After you have decided on the plates, name cards, napkins and silverware, think about the type of lighting you would like to have as well as the flower arrangements. 



Wedding Decorations - Lighting


Candles & Stringed Lights

Lighting is everything! It sets the mood for the whole party, so having the perfect lighting is essential. If you’re having a rustic wedding, think about having stringed lights with large light bulbs you can hang around the reception area or if you’re having a fairytale wedding, some nice battery powered mini LED lights are perfect to add to or near the flower arrangements at the table. You can also include tea light candles or candelabras. However you decide to decorate the lighting make sure it sets the mood for the way you want your guests to feel the minute they walk in!


Wedding Decoration Ideas - Marquee Letters


Marquee Letters

Last but not least, if you’re looking for a way to spruce up your wedding decorations and you want to go big, some large marquee letters are a great way to add to the entrance of the wedding reception. You can either use the marquee letter to spell out MR & MRS or you can use them to spell out your last name. They come in different fonts and colors which makes it perfect to match your theme!

With all of these tips and Ideas for Wedding Decorations you should be off to a good start in planning your big day! Getting married is a big deal and a rare occasion so be sure to make it special and have fun with it every step of the way. 

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