The Best Gift Ideas for 30th Birthday

The Best Gift Ideas for 30th Birthday

Turning 30 is a huge deal! Not only does it mark the official age of leaving your twenties but it’s another huge milestone of living on this earth for three decades. With 30 years of life, chances are your friend or loved one has received many gifts. Which makes it hard to think about the kind of gift they may want. 

So what kind of gift do you buy your loved one for their 30th birthday? 

For starters let’s think about the types of gifts that might appeal to them. While they might be leaving their twenties and entering a new stage in their adulthood that doesn’t mean you need to get them a gift card to their favorite restaurant or store. Although those gifts can be great too, it’s best to get a gift with a little more sentiment. 

A 30 year old might be more into gifts that are:

  • Sentimental
  • On Trend with their current life events 
  • and Useful For Everyday Life

With those types of gifts in mind let’s dive into each category for some of the best gift ideas for 30th Birthday!

Sentimental Gifts

A sentimental gift is possibly one of the best gifts to get just about anyone for their birthday. Most people have loved ones they care for and these sentimental gifts made from their photo will be the perfect way to celebrate their 30th birthday.


Watercolor Portrait From Photo

Watercolor Portrait From Photo


A watercolor portrait from photo is not only really cool but one of the best gifts you could possibly get your 30 year old to be! These portraits bring a new meaning to sentimental gifts. 

Transforming a photo of them and their family or a photo of one of their passed loved ones into a portrait they can keep forever will surely wow them and bring a tear of joy to their face. Each watercolor portrait is digitally hand painted and printed on a premium quality canvas that will last for generations.


Sketched Portrait From Photo

Sketch From Photo Portrait

If they're more into a “handcrafted” or “vintage” look then this sketched portrait is the perfect gift for them!

Much like the watercolor portrait, this sketched portrait is created from your loved ones favorite photo, then printed on a premium quality canvas or high gloss paper. They’ll certainly have a tear of joy in their eyes the minute they open it!


Oil Portrait From Photo

Oil Portrait From Photo

An oil portrait is perfect for a loved one who truly appreciates a vintage renaissance look. These oil portraits are created from any of your loved ones favorite photos and digitally painted over the photo to create a beautiful painting! 

Gifts That Pertain to Their Current Life Events

Not only are sentimental gifts a great 30th birthday gift but gifts that match their current life events such as recently getting married, buying a new home or embarking on a new career can be both sentimental and thoughtful.


Wedding Vows

Wedding Vows Photo Gift

Perfect for the recently married 30 year old to be, this three piece canvas set features a picture of the couple on their wedding day and a spot for each of their vows or special message. It not only makes a great birthday gift but doubles down as a great wall decoration to add to their home.


Religious Wall Art

Religious Wall Art - Last Supper

A religious wall art canvas is a great birthday gift to give your loved one if they recently moved into a new home. With options such as a Jesus Sacred Heart, the Last Supper or simply a beautiful White Dove these watercolor religious portraits offer comfort and a pop of color to their walls. 


Watercolor Home Portrait

Watercolor Portrait From Photo of Home

This portrait is a perfect gift idea for a 30 year old to be who has either recently bought a home or is missing their family home! The image of their home is beautifully transformed into a watercolor portrait that will last them a lifetime and make for a memorable gift. They’ll be wowed by this gift the minute they open it. 

Useful Gifts for Everyday Life

A gift that will be used over and over again is a great gift idea. Especially for a 30th birthday gift! Chances are your loved one is into new home gadgets or items they can use everyday.


Acrylic Calendar

Personalized Acrylic Calendar

An Acrylic calendar is perfect for the birthday boy or girl who is looking to get their daily life and home organized. This calendar is not only useful but it’s personalized with their name and needs such as grocery lists, notes, menu, etc. It’s not only useful but a great addition to their home decor as well!


Chore Chart

Personalized Chore Chart

Much like the Acrylic Calendar, a chore chart makes the perfect gift for getting them and their family organized. If your 30 year old to be has children, this will make an awesome gift for them and their whole family!


Watercolor Photo Blanket

Watercolor Photo Blanket

A watercolor photo blanket is not only stunning and perfect as a home decoration but it makes a warm and cozy gift that they can use while snuggling up to their favorite movie or book. It makes one of the best sentimental and useful gifts you can get them as it is made from one of their favorite photos and transformed into a beautiful piece of art! 

With these gifts and tips in mind, now you can shop for the perfect 30th birthday gift for your friend or loved one that will be sentimental, useful or on trend with their current life events! 

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