The Best Sympathy Gifts to Show your Love and Support

The Best Sympathy Gifts to Show your Love and Support

There are few things in life as difficult as losing a loved one. Grief doesn’t have a timeline and everyone deals with it differently, but the painful mourning process can be eased knowing you’re supported, loved, and not alone in this journey. If you have a friend or family member experiencing a loss, even a small gesture like sending sympathy gifts could mean the world to them.

What Are Sympathy Gifts?

Sympathy gifts are used to provide support and comfort to those going through a tough time. These gifts are a gentle reminder that you’re there for them in their time of need. While some people choose to send food, sympathy flowers or sympathy cards, the only real rule about sending a good bereavement gift is that it indicates care.

Sympathy Gift Ideas

Meaningful condolence gifts can take shape in many forms. We’ve put together several thoughtful sympathy gift ideas below.

  • Custom Watercolor Portrait from a Photo – If you have a special photograph of the individual who lost a loved one and feel it is appropriate, consider getting it transformed into a watercolor portrait. HomeHaps’ artists will create memorable art on a canvas that can hang on the walls of a home for a lifetime.
  • Personalized Watercolor Photo Blanket – This sympathy gift is great for those who want to keep their memories quite close. Instead of using a photograph of a person, try a special place or location that the grieving individual and their loved one used to visit, like a beach house or a lake. This useful and beautiful gift will encourage them to think of their loved one each time they use it.
  • Custom Sketched Pet Portrait – Losing a pet can be devastating. Help keep the memory of a passed furry friend alive with a custom sketched pet portrait from HomeHaps.  

Considerations When Giving Sympathy Gifts

Before going ahead with any personalized gifts such as custom watercolor portraits or blankets, we suggest making sure the bereaved person/people are comfortable with such a gift. Although these types of sympathy gifts can be beautiful reminders of memories once had, they may also be too much for others during these difficult times. If you are unsure whether your sympathy gift will be well-received, ask a close friend or family member of the bereaved. Alternatively, you could also wait until a bit of time has passed before giving such a personalized gift.

Why Choose HomeHaps?

You don’t need a grand gesture or an expensive gift to show your care for an individual dealing with a loss of a loved one. At HomeHaps, we create beautiful and personalized works of art that could serve as thoughtful sympathy gifts.

For any questions about our products or how the process works, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

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